My name is Morgan

here's the story of how i got into the systems world

I became a VA for a photographer in New York City

“You mean, I’m getting paid to mix my two loves: photography & systems?!” It was a no-brainer for me! For a little over a year, I was the systems-creator, thank you card writer, second photographer contract sender, and calendar-manager - and it taught me so much about operating systems and workflows in a creative business.


I've been in this since
birth, baby

Truthfully, it all started when I worked illegally at massive Chevy dealership at the age of 12. (yup - you read that right)

I was obsessed with admin work (and what kid doesn’t want to make $12/hr) so during the summer, my mom would take me to work to do alllll the things - filing car deals in a massive filing room, learning their age-old computer technology, and ironing out & fixing other people’s number mistakes.

Now I help photographers
get their ish together

The sigh of relief from my clients after I show someone their new process is my motivation. To me, there’s nothing more powerful than giving entrepreneurs their time and life back. I dramatically joke about systems being a life-saver, but it’s true: in so many ways, good systems keep you from drowning in work, burning out, missing dinner with your family, and more - they give you back time wherever you want and need it.


I used Dubsado workflows to blow up my own photography business

I booked 52 weddings for myself (oops) and had quite the monster to manage. Year 1. 52 weddings. I really value the client experience and being interactive with my couples so I’ll forever believe that my ability to create powerful systems is the only thing that made my first year of weddings and every year since, possible.


Let's Get Personal

Here's who i am outside of systems & workflows

Worship and singing has always been a huge passion of mine - I get to be on the worship team at my church and I love it.

I have 2 mini schnauzers, Bella and Shiloh, that I got when I was a kid. Truly, I love them more than just about every human on the earth.

This is Jerron (hubs). We got married in 2017 and he's hands-down my biggest supporter.

Here's how my brain works (In gifs):


I'm an ennegram

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