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Photo Gallery of 100-Guest Winter Wedding at The Fort Worth Zoo

Walk on the Wild Side: Tying the Knot at the Fort Worth Zoo

Every couple’s dream is to make their wedding day uniquely theirs, a celebration that mirrors their personalities, interests, and love story. For animal-lovers Christian & Eric, getting married at the Fort Worth Zoo was the best representation of them and the wedding they wanted to have. Below you’ll find a gallery of their Wedding at The Fort Worth Zoo.

A Backdrop Like No Other

Most wedding venues offer a single, static backdrop, but the Fort Worth Zoo promises dynamic settings that transport guests from Africa to Australia, from the deep oceans to the lofty mountains. Each of the zoo’s themed areas gave us different options for photos throughout the zoo. We started with their first look in front of the zebras and then visited the flamingo pond for some portraits. Then we headed to Africa and fed the giraffes!

A Memorable Experience for Guests

While most weddings are remembered for their beautiful ceremonies and fun receptions, a wedding at the Fort Worth Zoo gives guests experiences they’ll cherish for years. Before or after the ceremony, they can embark on their mini safari, learning about and appreciating the wonders of wildlife. This reception was held in the “Portraits of the Wild Art Museum” where they brought out a koala bear and other unique animals to mingle with guests. Younger guests, especially, will be thrilled with this immersive experience, making it an educational and fun-filled occasion.

Sustainability and Conservation

Choosing the zoo, and specifically the Portraits of the Wild as their wedding venue, spoke to Christian & Eric’s values. The Fort Worth Zoo, like many modern zoological institutions, is deeply committed to conservation efforts. A portion of the funds generated from events like weddings goes directly to programs dedicated to saving species from extinction and educating the public about wildlife.

Catering and Customization

The Fort Worth Zoo offers a variety of catering options that suit everyone, from gourmet dishes to themed snacks. Couples can infuse their reception menu with dishes inspired by the very environments they’re surrounded by. Moreover, the experienced event staff at the zoo are well-versed in tailoring the venue to fit specific themes or visions, ensuring that the wedding reflects a couple’s unique essence.

Incorporating Wildlife

As I mentioned earlier, couples can enhance the experience by opting for special appearances by some of the zoo’s animal ambassadors during the reception or cocktail hour. These encounters are not only entertaining but also serve as unique ice-breakers, sparking conversations among guests.

For couples who resonate with the allure of the wild, getting married at the Fort Worth Zoo is a choice that ensures an adventure for both the couple and their guests.

Enjoy reliving Christian & Eric’s Wedding at The Fort Worth Zoo with me.

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